An example of two of our existing clients from very different backgrounds.  Utlising our GPS tracking APP for android and iPhone and customer specific requirements developed into a customised version our of standard GPS tracking monitoring, alarming and tracking web based software:

For Condor Golf Systems we adapted our technology to provide higher level golf clubs such as The Belfry, a PGA championship course,  the ability to GPS track golf players and provide scoring information in a real-time environment to the club house.  Much in the same way you would watch a PGA championship golf tournament on television, with real-time information per hole.  Outside of tournaments the club can generate additional revenue by knowing exactly who are slow or fast players and feeding other revenue generating players onto the course.  This was not possible before the use of our technology.

For Condor Golf Systems not only did we reconfigure the main tracking software but we provided them with corporate branded versions of the APP.  The device android mobile phones used to load the GPS tracking APP where then housed in special branded waterproof hard covers for use by golf players.

The GPS emergency panic alarming and lone worker software is designed to operate with a procedure of escalating the alarms into emergency services where needed..

The outcomes for both of these clients was; special tailored solutions of our GPS tracking mobile phone APP and a branded version of our GPS monitoring and alarming software.

A much more security sensitive client known as “Angel Programme” deals with panic alarming for vulnerable persons, mostly females trapped in violent situations.  A version of our Android and iPhone App is designed to act as a silent emergency panic alarm.  Notifying our alarm receiving center when the user of the device is under threat of stalking or about to be attacked.  Considerable amount of customisation was developed within our original mobile App and also the GPS tracking software system for emergency use.  It is now designed to operate lone worker solutions and vulnerable persons alarming under the brand of Angel Alarm.

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