Our comprehensive monitoring and reporting platform has 5 years of development behind it.  We continue to develop ensuring our system provides optimal performance and the highest level of technology available. Our primary servers are hosted in Europe’s most secure server hosting venue.

Our primary servers are protected 24/7/365 with CCTV, physical access controls, back-up servers, back-up power, back-up communication connections and air-conditioned houses.  All server data is fully backed up on a daily basis.


We own and develop all of our technology and have extensive experience and security experts on hand to advise you.  Our team can adapt versions of the platform to meet your specific requirements, this could be for vehicle tracking, personnel tracking or emergency usage as a panic alarming system.

We have an existing client base and tested models in which our system has been rebranded and developed with customer specific requirements. This premium service allows you to create a system specific to your business requirements at the lowest cost in the UK.

For clients with more specialist security sensitive projects we also have suitable teams with security experience and backgrounds. We can supply, rebrand and develop the lowest cost GPS tracking systems in the UK.

Email our team regarding your specific requirements TrackerApp@SecIntPlc.com

Features included in your subscription version of the monitoring and tracking software:

  • Dashboard view of all devices tracked
  • List view of all devices
  • Map view of all devices
  • Dashboard view of all functions of single device
  • Distance traveled reports
  • Distance shown on graphical map
  • Geofencing – Mark out warnings triggering certain areas/streets

The capability of our system is extensive, more standard features include:


  • Split Screen option
  • Create landmarks
  • Create specific route a device should follow
  • Extensive reports and .csv export
  • Stop report – alarms sent when device stops
  • Area In/Out report
  • Landmarks reached reports
  • Location & distance from other devices
  • Distance graph
  • Trip report
  • All point report
  • Customise device profiles
  • Create different device types
  • Create different device groups
  • Create different device categories
  • Multiple users
  • User profiles and access to certain devices

Our system allows complete flexibility and is user friendly.  Various driver details and device details can be related to multiple tracking devices, vehicles and phones. Allowing you to gather extensive information on your fleets drive time and location helping to increase productivity and employer safety. A simple click will reveal driver or holders personal information and contact details.

The monitoring platform can be zoomed in and viewed at street level, giving you a human eye view of buildings street names and all visual surrounds as if you were standing there yourself.